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    What do we mean by "Working From Home"? As we cross from Industrial Age to Information Age, the meaning of JOB has been changed a lot. Working for a company or for the governmnet on monthly paychecks become hard to fulfill our desires and our inner hapiness. If there be any JOB or Work that give us an income to our satisfaction and that JOB or Work can be done at any of our convenient time from any place simply if we have freedom of time and place to earn that income, then we would might have much more happier and fulfil our desires. From these two concepts 1. Freedom of Time and 2. Freedom of Place originates the concept of Working From Home.

1. First Hand Requirements:

To start working from home and earning an income online requires a device like smartphone, desktop or laptop computer to access internet and secondly an internet connection. Now-a-day, there are thousands of ways to make money online from the comfort of your home.

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2. How do we start?

I have been asked this question many times when I had started working from home 4 years back. There are thousands of ways to start earning an online income. Most of us and those "Internet Gurus" do not tell the basics resulting to failure of 99% of people who first coming to this industry. The first thing I require is how to get the money to my bank account. If you think of starting your home business seriousely, set up your e-currency accounts first. Opening an account to these e-currencies are FREE. Go to at least 3 of the following sites and register a free account.

      1.Paypal   2. Payza  3. Solidtrustpay   4. Bitcoin (See the videos Here)

Add your bank accounts, debit or credit cards to deposit and recieve funds.

3. What will we do next?

When I started I came across a lot of programs that promise to make me rich overnight. But I found that it was not true in most of the cases. I have joined and studied a lot of programs that failed within a year or two. Most of the high yield investment programs (HYIP)s fail within 4 to 15 months. Earning from Google Adsense is not that easy. We can develop our online marketing skills to earn Affiliate income from Clickbank and CJ(commission junction). But the best programs as a newbie are Advertising Revenue Share programs. I join 3-4 Revenue Share programs and the profits from these programs are again reinvested to build 1-2 MLM programs. That is my strategy and I am approaching to my success.

4. How do I have started earning?

Finally my desire to start earning a substantial income by working from home is fulfilling. I am not a Guru. I am a real person like you. Just start working from your home part time and you will start the journey.
As T. Harv Eker said don't believe what you think,
just act and start earning from the comfort of your home. I know you are ready now like I was 4 years ago. So go to the following links and satisfy yourself about these programs. Then join the programs and invest some amounts to reap the rewards in near future. Bookmark this page as I am adding genuine and good programs frequently.


That's all you have started earning by working from home now. It is not the end   
it is the BEGINNING.
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